The unique part is the chunky textures of every serve for you to chew, which are made from high-quality ingredients including fresh milk, fresh cream, and fresh seasonal fruits.


  • High quality and natural ingredients​
  • No preservatives
  • Egg-free
  • Flour-free
  • Trans-fat free

“Muse Premium”

Muse Premium presents the richness of fruit pulps in ice cream with chewy chunks in every delectable flavor. We’re proud to guarantee of our superb quality and undoubted freshness combined with other all-natural ingredients in order to offer a top-notch ice cream experience.

“Muse Classic”

Muse Classic has embarked on a journey through time with a traditional delicious coconut milk ice cream and a touch of 100% pure natural coconut sugar served with seasonal toppings. We have created ice cream creations with a variety of flavors to allow you to explore the sensations of the ice cream on your tongue and revive the magical atmosphere of the old days.