About Muse

We, Muse Ice Cream, serve super premium homemade ice cream with chunks of fruits providing heavenly tastes and intense flavor burst in every lick.

‘Muse Ice Cream’ offers homemade ice cream for a superior taste experience. Our recipes are made of love with our focus on tastes. We carefully take care of every step of the production process. Positive responses from customers and increasing customer base encourage us to gradually grow from a household business into several hundred branches nationwide. Currently, we have a small factory which is compliance with GMP (Codex), HACCP, FDA, and Halal in order to ensure that our customers get an internationally-recognized quality.

Why Muse Ice Cream?

  • ● Great taste guarantee with over hundreds of points of purchase in Bangkok and agents throughout the country
  • ● Concentrated flavors of homemade ice cream for our sustainable growth
  • ● High customer satisfaction with a complement of marketing materials



Muse Homemade Ice Cream is now produced, distributed, and delivered directly from the manufacturer to our customers via food centers, restaurants, and hundreds of branches nationwide. These all include:

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