'Muse' Ice Cream is a premium grade ice cream product that has achieved international standards. It was created from the founder's desire to create delicious and high-quality ice cream that everyone could enjoy. There are more than 70 flavors in different types to select from, which come in trays, pints, and cups. Including the dessert product ,Loi Kaew, which is accessible to customers at retailers, hundreds of top cafes and restaurants in Bangkok and several other provinces around Thailand. We also contribute to the expansion of Thai SMEs by making ice cream for customers who want to create their own ice cream brands.

Our mission has always been to elevate standards and taste, and in 2005, the Nature Zelection Company Limited was founded to handle manufacturing and distribution Homemade Ice Cream. Ice cream made with love and attention to detail a focus on accuracy in each step of the production process. Up until now, an ice cream plant has served as an extension of the production base. Featuring a wide selection of sweets that have been approved by the FDA, GHPs, and HACCP to inspire trust in consumers. eatable quality that is recognized globally